Course: Packaging Design
Instructor: Abby Guido
Four eyes is a fruit-flavored sparkling hard seltzer packaging project with a playful and youthful concept. The brand is personified with each flavored seltzer packaging illustrating its own unique character and personality while maintaining unity as a set. The mission of Four Eyes Hard Seltzer is to connect to audiences through colorful, bold packaging. The different elements of this project consisted of designing a logo, beverage labels, and a creative packaging design that incorporates a branded gift.

Understanding the Challenges
1. Taking a design prompt and designing packaging with a unique brand identity.
2. Considering how to set up a unified design system with consistent elements throughout the different branded products.
3. Create, model, and render the packaging using 3D softwares.
4. Learning and developing software skills in Adobe 3D Substance Stager and Adobe Fantastic Fold.
The Solution
Given the prompt to create a logo and packaging design for a hard seltzer brand called "Four Eyes", I thought about how I could convey the brand with my own creative spin. I wanted to challenge the idea of what the term "Four Eyes" meant, creating a personified brand through the use of characters with different styled glasses to embody a bold, youthful, and playful concept. From there it seemed obvious as to what to use as my branded gifted product, glasses!
I decided on an illustrative approach for the main graphics and differentiators between each flavored drink. I wanted each character to have different styled glasses to inform their personality and character that is also further reflected in the naming and colors. 
I wanted to go with a limited color palette for each can. Each can color was used to reflect the color of the fruit that it was flavored. I used complementary colors for each can. Sassy Strawberry was a special case using pink and red with a hint of green to contrast Witty Watermelon's color scheme.
Through using fantastic fold, I created the specialized gift packaging that included die cuts for the cans and glasses. Through troubleshooting, I was able to adjust the sizing of the package and die cuts to create arched windows in the packaging that show off each can while also implementing the cans arch element to specialize the packaging design to be specific to the brand.
For the branded gift, I wanted the glasses to take on the style of the characters glasses by adding lines, shapes, and a tinted color to match the brand.
In stager, I explored lighting, color, and layout to render out images that reflected each aspect of the brand in a different way.
The Results
From this project I learned:
1. The different steps and the process for creating a unified brand identity.
2. How to build and render out three-dimensional models to best display each element of the project.
3. How to adapt to and improve my skills in three-dimensional softwares such as Adobe 3D Substance Stager and Adobe Fantastic Fold.